About me:

I am a 50 year old former US Navy Sailor and 2 time cancer survivor. I think, these things contribute to my unique perspective and outlook on life.  Facing death several times in your life can have that sort of lasting affect on a person.

I am also a blogger, a podcaster and crypto enthusiast, after a fashion. I truly believe that crypto is the future of currency and that our current system, as well as those throughout the world are corrupt and mostly outdated. 

On this site, I hope to share my blog, my podcast and product reviews etc. There may be times when I link to something, if you click on it and buy from my amazon store, I may receive some small compensation. This is turn will help keep the lights on, the coffee flowing and, me off the mean streets.

I truly hope you find something useful and even informative here.


God Bless,


As always, just my .02 ยข worth. YMMV

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